Recycling of Bio-degradable Waste

Considerable amount of biodegradable waste is being generated in towns and cities and it becomes a nightmare for officials of Municipal Corporation and policy makers to dispose off and recycle  such waste. At present,  a  lot of manpower and transport is also utilized for dumping of garbage on the outskirts of town and cities. Habitation in areas adjoining garbage dumping sites becomes extremely difficult due to insanitary and unhygienic conditions. Thus, the  present disposal of biodegradable solid waste is unhygienic and it leads to break of epidemics. There is also no resource recovery. The limitation of present disposal of biodegradable solid waste can be overcome by the ‘ Vermicomposting Process’ in decentralized manner and  biodegradable solid waste can be converted into excellent humus rich Vermicompost (Organic Fertilizer); the process is environment – friendly. small scale enterprise for ‘Vermicompost Production’ can be stared by unemployed youths in decentralized manner.


Recycling of Biodegradable Waste by Vermicomposting Process

at College of Military Engineering, Pune