Prakriti Solar Cookers

Solar Energy 

‘All that exists was born from the Sun’


  • The Sun is already distributed to all people in the world. In fact, the poor have the most. But 90% have no access to electricity and grids are half  the energy cost.
  • Energy needs are universal.
  • 90% of rural energy needs are for cooking, and trees pay the price.

 Salient Features

  • Sunlight travel at speed of light as Electro – Magnetic Radiation
  • Approximately 23 % of sunlight reaches the Earth Surface
  • Sunlight can transmit 1000 Watt / Sq M of energy at Earth Surface
  • Renewable Energy
  • Practically inexhaustible and widely distributed
  • Cost free in raw form
  • Clean and Green Energy

How to capture Sunlight ?

Solar energy can be converted to usable energy in two distinct ways:-

  •  Photo Voltic Device : Conversion Of Solar Energy To Electrical Energy
  •  Solar Thermal Concentrators : Conversion Of Solar Energy To Thermal Energy

 Panel Solar Cooker

Parabolic Solar Cooker

Ten Advantages of Solar Cooking

  • It helps stop deforestation, loss of topsoil and land slides
  • It helps remove indoor smoke pollution, which causes 1.6 million deaths every year
  • It cleans water, water-borne diseases kill 10 million people every year
  • It lowers cost of energy since the sun provides free fuel
  • It reduces spinal cord damage from carrying firewood
  • It reduces attacks from animals, rape and landmines while fetching firewood
  • It reduces time waste from fetching firewood and allows kids to attend school
  • It cooks food slowly and at lower temperatures, retaining important vitamins
  • It reduces fire hazards
  • It reduces CO2 emissions