Prakriti Biotech Farm Hazaribagh

Prakriti Biotech Farm has been established in the outskirts of Hazaribag town in Jharkhand state (India). It is located 5 kms from Hazaribag on NH-33 at Village – Masipiri, adjacent to Konar River.

“Agriculture not only gives riches to a nation, but the only riches she can call her own”
Samuel Johnson

The farm has been set up to identify various technologies in the field of Sustainable Agriculture and Renewable Energy, and further explore their adaptability to local conditions. As a part of this endeavor various projects have been undertaken in the farm, including Organic  farming, solar power generation, and also an experimental set up of a Prakriti Jal Urja Pump (Hydram or Hydraulic Ram Pump)

Prakriti Biotech farm has been developed in line with the ‘Wadi’ approach – creation of sustainable sources of  local employment  with optimum utilization of resources, while keeping in mind the impact on the environment.

Approximately 1000 trees have been planted in the farm including  Agro- forestry trees like Sagwan, various varieties of Mango  & tissue  culture banana. Vermicomposting is being done in between  two rows of plantations – to maximize the utilization of space. The farm is irrigated by sprinklers – an irrigation system that is suitable for most crops and adaptable to most irrigable soils. The drainage of the entire farm is channelized into a  percolation tank where fish farming is being done.

Using  available materials technologies such as the Hydraulic ram pump and the solar cooker have been adapted for local fabrication and utilization.

At Prakriti Biotech farm we aim to popularize sustainable agricultural technologies and support local farmers in adapting the same.