Hydraulic Ram Pump

Hydraulic Ram Pump  or Hydram (Prakriti  Jal  Urja Pump) runs continuously for 24 hours without use of any fuel  with the help of  potential energy stored in water falls at higher level.  Prakriti Jal Urja Pump allows the user to transport 10 to 15 % of  falling water  to a higher  elevation  (3  to  5  times  of  the  fall),  using  only  the  energy  stored  in  the water reservoir. It can be installed at the base of small water falls and in perennial check dams in mountainous area for Community Water Supply and Irrigation. Continuous overflow of water  and minimum six feet of  fall of water is required for operation  of this pump. Prakriti  Jal Urja Pump uses a combination of water pressure, air pressure and gravity.

Citation of JSW- Times of India Earthcare Award – 2010 for climate Protection for  Innovation of Prakriti Jal Urja Pump ( Hydraulic Ram Pump / Hydram)


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